Monday, July 12, 2004

Semi-Drunken Ramblings

My new shoes are even more comfy than they are cool-looking! And they look DAMN cool. Thanks again, Mom!

I went to the rock show tonight. Got there way early to get a good spot, and surprisingly enough, the opening band @ Juanita's didn't suck. They're called Ligion, out of Nashville, Tennessee, and they rocked out. A metal band. But different. It's like they're a metal band who doesn't really want to be a metal band. Poppunk power chords, only metallized. Emoesque harmonies, only metallized. And they covered Lady In Red. No self-respecting metal band can cover that song. But they did. And it was cool.

The headliners were a little band I like to call Seven Mary Three. Love 'em. Rock Crown is one of my favorite albums ever, and American Standard and the Orange album aren't too shabby, neither. This show was kind of weak, in my opinion. They didn't play nearly as much older stuff as they did last time, but I can't fault them for trying to get out their new album. They DID save face by doing an encore set comprised of Times Like These, Cumbersome, and Sunday Girl. I couldn't believe that 7M3 busted out with some obscure STP, but they did, and it was killer. Good times.

Turns out the condoms I bought last night were not put to use. Tank. BUT...turns out Don Juan has scored himself a date with an amatuer porn star for later on this week. My purchase might not have gone in vain. Updates to follow.

One last thing. I realized that I have conditioned my ass to sit a certain way in order to accomodate the obscene size of my wallet. I tried putting my wallet in my back left pocket today...just for shits and giggles, y'know? Not only was it weird, and uncomfortable, but it HURT. Apparently the muscles in my right cheek have atrophied to make room for a hunk of dead Holstein that holds very, very little cash. The revelation was a little disturbing. And for reasons unbeknownst to me, it makes me a little sad, too.

Tomorrow I'm off. The goal? Spend less than five dollars. Our energy bill was $125 this month, and I spent waaaaaay too much getting drunk and not hooking up tonight.


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