Saturday, July 24, 2004

Sometimes I wonder...

Where would I be if I had stayed in law school and stuck it out?  It's actually not so much wondering, because I know the answer.  I would be still living in Fayetteville, Arkansas, alone.  I guess what I wonder about is if I would still be miserable.  And my best guess is a resounding "YYYYYYES", done in my very best Marv Albert voice.  The University of Arkansas School of Law was simply not for me.  It wasn't that I was particularly bad at it; on the contrary, I did well in my time there.  It just made me absolutely, dreadfully miserable.  The combination of all that work, and stress, and being alone, and getting no real satisfaction out of anything because I knew deep down in my heart that I don't want to practice law?  Kind of punched my ticket. 

So after deciding that I'm happy I'm not still in law school, the proper thing to wonder is if I'm better off now.  I'm living in Little Rock, working a job that I'm completely overqualified and underpaid for, I drive a POS car (that is fucking PURPLE, mind you), and I'm much more likely to spend the last ten bucks in my wallet on beer than food or gasoline. 

And then I realize OF COURSE I'm better off.  I am constantly surrounded by some of the best friends that anybody could ask for.  The reason that I am so broke is due to having so much fun with them.  They (and beer, in tandem) have the wonderful ability to make a shitty situation in life lots and lots of fun.  I wouldn't be nearly as bad off financially if it weren't for everyone else, but then, I wouldn't be as happy, either.

See?  It's all about allowing yourself to enjoy life.  That's all you have to do.


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