Thursday, August 12, 2004

back by popular demand...

I'm moving. Where, when, how? I have no idea. But I'm going to be packing up my shit and getting the hell out of Dodge very soon. The Reserve @ Foxrun, I hardly knew ye. I'd like to live in Hillcrest. Either down on Kavanaugh or in the Mississippi area. We'll see.

Watched The Manchurian Candidate last night, and I really enjoyed it. A little paranoid, but definitely something that I could realistically see happening in our nation this day and age. A little scary. Denzel Washington gives a helluva performance, but I thought Meryl Streep was a little over the top.

I'm ready for a good steak.

Football season is less than a month away, and I am psyched. It looks like I'm probably going to miss the home opener against New Mexico State, and that would be the first home opener that I have missed since, gosh....well, ok, I looked it up, and I've been to only the last two home openers. I was a little off, I guess. The point is that I'm really excited about football. And we're going to win seven games. Book it.

Floating the Buffalo in ten days. I cannot wait. There better be water in the river or I'm gonna be pisssssssed. Just imagine all the beer I'll miss out on if we don't get to go. Tragic. I love those little guys.


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